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Wiring Harness Multicade Arcade Video Game PCB cable for Jamma Multi Game Board

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New Premium Standard 56 pin connector used on many arcade boards to simplify conversion of game cabinets with color coded connections for 2 players, power, coin doors, test, service, video, and sound. 28 pins on each side of the harness. It comes with edge connector, push button lugs, power leads, grounds, and RGB monitor output connection for hookup to older tube monitors.

All leads have 187 quick disconnects for easy connecting of buttons and joysticks.
Power lines have terminal forks for easy connection(+5VDC, +12VDC, GND) to game power supply, full grounding loop for all joysticks and buttons on your control panel.


Wire Size: Pins 1 to 6 > 18 gauge wire all other are 22 gauge wire.
Edge connector includes -5Volts (as well as all other voltages)
Button 4 is also connected into the harness
Both ground connections are wired into the harness (pins 1+2+28)
All pins on edge connector are protected by heat shrink
All end connectors are designed for quick connection (no soldering) and protected by plastic sleeves
Easy to follow plugs and connections for your monitor, speakers, power supply, and coin meter.
Used for all game boards that uses the standard Jamma wiring standard.

Package Included: 1* 56 Pin Connector Wiring Harness for Jamma Multigame Board

1 Year